The Harbor Committee is composed of seven to twelve members appointed by the Board of Selectmen for  3-year terms. The Harbor Committee deals with issues relating to the management of the Harbor, including review of applications regarding Harbor related projects, work on the Harbor Mooring Plan, recommendations to the Board of Selectmen and Planning Board on Harbor related activities, review of the condition and suitability of the town's three docks, development of requests for repair and changes to those docks, recommendations for mooring fees, and review of applications for leasing of town dock space. Any interested townsperson is encouraged to attend Harbor Committee meetings which are held on the 2nd Monday of the month at 6:30 pm at the Town Office.  If you have any questions, please call the Town Office at 244-5404.

Our Harbor is an integral part of the town's economy and character.  According to the Coastal Waters and Harbor Ordinance, "our Harbor Committee shall "advise in the custody, care, and management of the Harbor and its facilities, and the Coastal Waters, not inconsistent with the duties of the Harbor Master as set forth in the Ordinance or by the Maine Revised Statutes." In administering the Ordinance and making recommendations based on the Ordinance, the Harbor Master and Harbor Committee are there to help protect water dependent activity and public access to the water. This, in turn, ensures that the Harbor remains a working harbor.

Adam Thurston

Town of Southwest Harbor, Maine
incorporated 1905

Harbor Committee 
Committee Members
Corey Pettegrow - 2017

Joel Harper - 2018

Anne Napier - 2017

Nicholas Maderia - 2019

Brian Walls - 2018

Andy Mays - 2017

 Harbor Ordinance
Latitude  44.279825   Longitude  -68.324991
Southwest Harbor Tide Chart
Breakwater Proposal at Great Harbor Marina
Dysart's Great Harbor Marina
Harbor Committee Meeting Minutes
Knowlton Pier Project

Shellfish Closures
Harbor Committee Meeting Agenda