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Building Permit Application

Sign Permit Application

Application for Appeal
Board of Appeals

911 House Numbering Project
~~House Number Order Form

Permit Fees

Ordinances and By-Laws

Board of Appeals Ordinance

Coastal Waters and Harbor Ordinance

Floodplain Ordinance

Land Use Ordinance (LUO)

Ordinance Establishing 
the Planning Board

Road Ordinance

Sewer Ordinance

Shellfish Ordinance

Special Amusement Permit Ordinance

Street Numbering Ordinance

Subdivision Ordinance

Warrant Ordinance

Water Ordinance

This page contains the complete library of Town ordinances.  These ordinances have been converted from existing printed ordinances.  These editions have been formatted for on-line use and all references to page numbers have been removed. Because of these alterations, the editions presented here are NOT considered Official Copies and should not be referred to as such.  Certified copies may be obtained from the Town Office.
         TOWN MANAGER/
  can be reached at  244-7915 

Town of Southwest Harbor, Maine
incorporated 1905

Plumbing Application